Do As Infinity(ドゥ・アズ・ インフィニティ)


9月23日「Do As Infinity 1st LIVE in Singapore」に関するお知らせ

Do As Infinityのシンガポールでの初ライヴが来たる9月23日にいよいよ迫っています!  
今回のライヴではあのCanonとパートナーを組み、チケット購入者の方の中から事前に登録していただいた方へ抽選で、「Canon フォトパス*」をプレゼント!
「Canon フォトパス*」をお持ちの方は、Do As Infinityのライヴ中、事前に発表した曲の演奏中にご自身で写真撮影を行うことができます!  

***Canon Photo Partyの曲は事前に参加者のみにメールでお伝えします。

[Do As Infinity Canon Photo Party Registration Starts Now!]
Attention all ticket holders to the upcoming Do As Infinity 1st LIVE in Singapore happening on 23 September 2017! We are happy to announce that we will be giving out "Canon Photo Passes" to selected registered ticket holders in partnership with Canon. Each Canon Photo Pass* will grant only the pass holder photo taking opportunities for one selected song during Do As Infinity’s concert! Find out more and register here!  

*Terms and conditions apply.
** Photo pass sticker must be displayed prominently on the left shoulder or any other locations as specified by on-ground crew
*** Selected song will be communicated only to successful registrants of Canon Photo Party.